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Social media marketing isn’t something we have time to do. Twitter and Facebook updates are too time consuming. Bills need to be paid and clients need to be served.

Nevertheless, you should stay active to gain value from the content that is critical to your business, as well as the conversations that will help you reach new clients and build relationships. The question then arises: what are the best ways to use social media effectively without interfering with your work?

It’s all about automation. Automating everything doesn’t mean that you have to be obvious about it, and sometimes being obvious is worse than being non-existent at all. It’s smart automation that allows you to appear as if you’re maintaining your social media channels without even looking at your phone, when really being in the midst of your client meeting.

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What is social media automation?

By automating your social media presence by curating content and scheduling posts in advance, you can enhance your online presence. By automating posts, you can spend more time engaging with your audience and growing your account instead of gathering posts last minute.

In order to always be prepared for social media, automating your social media can be a useful tool.

While social media automation tools can be useful, they shouldn’t be used dishonestly or unethically. Using automation tools for social media posts, for example, is not recommended – instead, schedules, reports, and content ideas should be used. It is also not a good idea to buy followers with automation tools. You can not only lose engagement by doing that, but it is dishonest as well.

Let’s now look at how you can automate your posts with social media automation tools.

Automating your social media posts

1. Check out social listening tools.

Social listening can be done with many social media automation tools. In essence, social listening entails observing what is being said online about your company or industry.

A brand mention can be viewed in one place via automation tools across all platforms. For more information about your industry, search for specific keywords, topics, or hashtags. You can also follow your competitors using social media automation tools.

The idea of coming up with new product concepts or social media postings can be helped by social listening tools.

2. Make use of chatbots.

Chatbots can also be created through social media automation tools. Your marketing can be streamlined, customer support can be provided, and your customer experience can be improved by using chatbots with sites like Facebook Messenger.

Customer questions or comments can be answered automatically with suggested replies. A chatbot can automatically respond to a customer’s question about your hours, for example. As an additional option, chatbots can inform customers that you will reply within a certain period of time.

Customers should be able to talk to social media chatbots regarding minor issues, but bigger issues should be escalated to humans.

3. Multi-network insights can be gained.

A social media strategy can be strengthened by using social media automation tools that provide analytics.

The analytics provided by these tools can be used to determine when to post on your social media platforms after you have connected these tools to them. What is my audience’s engagement rate? And when do they interact the most?

Automated tools provide you with analytics on all of your social media platforms, including reach and engagement. Comparing campaigns across different platforms is easier with these reports.

4. Develop ideas for content curation.

Content curation is not provided by all automation tools, but some have this feature. In other words, select topics or industries you believe your audience will find interesting. You can then share and post the content via social media using the software.

5. Get your audience’s attention.

Engaging your audience across multiple platforms with social media automation tools is one of their most important advantages.

A brand mention, reply, or message can be monitored using this type of software. Your team can respond in a timely manner with all this information in one place.

6. Maintain consistency in scheduling.

You can improve your online presence and earn your followers’ trust by being consistent.

Automating your social media posts is a great way to stay on top of your queue. Spending less time on tedious posting tasks enables you to focus on creativity, which can help you plan ahead.

It is also possible to bulk schedule posts using this software. Posts can be scheduled using automation software by entering a spreadsheet.


Final Thoughts

The automation of your social media accounts will allow for greater engagement with your followers and less time doing mundane tasks. Social media automation tools can be used in a number of ways. You should not use these tools to ignore your followers or avoid responding to them.

These are just a few examples. It’s important, however, to still engage the community and plan content that is creative, using a human touch.

The social media strategy of each business should be customised according to its needs. In order to optimise leads/sales, Warren Digital conducts an in-depth analysis such as identifying your target audience, analyzing your competition and running targeted social media ads. To learn more about one of the best social media agencies in Sydney, visit our website!


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