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Social media can be a jungle for any business with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have transformed how we network with others and consume content. It’s more than just posting and sharing online – social media marketing means you’re actively participating in a conversation where you can share your ideas, your events, and your brand’s story.

If you don’t have any social media presence, Warren digital offers a ground-up service where we will build you a strong social media campaign and participate in those conversations that will help your brand’s awareness.

Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t already thought about social media now is the time.


  • Facebook has 1.32 billion daily users and 2 billion monthly users
  • 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook
  • 400 new users sign up every minute
  • The average users check their newsfeed 8 times a day, while 35 million users update their status daily


  • There are 330 million monthly active Twitter users
  • 21% of women and 21% of men use the platform
  • 80% of Twitter users access the network on mobile platforms
  • 2 billion queries are searched per day
  • 42% percent of Twitter users access the app every day, while 24% use the platform weekly


  • Instagram has over 800 million users around the world
  • 500 million users access the platform daily
  • Over 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram
  • 95 million images are shared every single day
  • 32% of all internet users are on Instagram

Social Media Marketing is not easy.

We make it easy by doing EVERYTHING for you

Social media is challenging to get right but one of the most powerful tools for your brand and business. Through social media, we can gain consumer insight, deploy targeted advertising, source and create content, increase brand awareness, and so much more.

Essentially, social media is necessary in today’s digital world if your business wants to be successful. Warren Digital offers a complete turnkey solution to help find you new customers and sales.

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Social Media Marketing Sydney

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“Aron joined our business and helped transform its marketing capability. We rely on lead generation for ongoing growth and Aron completely overhauled our underperforming campaigns by giving them ongoing personal attention. The service wasn’t limited to advertising either – Aron’s team assisted us with a bespoke CRM integration and also videography and photographic capabilities. The results speak for themselves with our growth curve back on track thanks to Warren Digitial.”

Morgan Trainer 

Managing Director of Raise & Relevel

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